Back to the school day in Ontario | Coronavirus: Ontario

Back to school last week in eastern Ontario, like schools on the board of the English public school in Toronto (TDSB) Only on Thursday.

The default option is still available this year in Ontario, but many parents have opted for face-to-face lessons for their children instead.

Everyone is so happy, we are tired of being at home … Time to go back to school in person, says Marjorie Bettany, a mother of three in Windsor.

It’s a relief to me, but to a lot of moms I know too, because it’s so much easier when our kids are at school in person.

Quote from:Marjorie Bettany, mother of three

The same story is with Vanessa Rivera, who has two 7-year-old children.

My kids are really excited to see their friends and meet their new teachersWindsorois notes.

Toronto mom Elana Shamon said her two children, ages 8 and 11, “couldn’t sleep” last night because they couldn’t wait to go back to school. She says they were very excited.

She adds that children really need to go to school. Obviously for their mental health. She says online lessons have been “frustrating” for her children last year.

Doubts about the course of the year

Ms. Chamoun feels reassured by the health measures applied in schools, including the compulsory wearing of masks, even in class, from the first year.

Mrs. Rivera is more fearful. On the one hand, yes, I feel relieved that my kids come back to class head-on. “But I’m also a little afraid of what lies ahead,” she said. Above all, I don’t want schools to close again.

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This is precisely one of the reasons why Tina van Hente decided to keep her 12-year-old son at home: He’s going to go to online school for this school year.

I want to create a consistent routine for my son because I don’t want to deal with changes between face-to-face and virtual, especially because it’s often done at the last minute, Emphasizes.

The Ford government is defending itself

Ontario is the province with which schools have closed the longest in the past year.

The Education Ministry says its plan to reopen schools this year follows experts’ recommendations.

According to a spokesperson, compulsory vaccination and regular screening procedures will help keep schools open all year round.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce also said that more than 70,000 HEPA filter air purifiers have been deployed in classrooms. He adds that his government has invested “significantly” in improving mechanical ventilation systems in schools.

Our plan is prudent and designed to minimize turbulence and maximize safety – with a focus on improving ventilation – so your children can continue to learn year-round.Minister said.

The neo-democratic opposition and many experts answer that air quality should be tested in all schools as in Quebec and more should be invested in ventilation.

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