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Barr asks federal prosecutors to consider unsupported allegations of voting irregularities

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Barr notes in his memo that while “most allegations of alleged electoral misconduct are of such magnitude that they do not affect the election outcome and, therefore, the investigation can be adequately deferred, this is not always the case.”

He wrote: “Moreover, any concerns that the ministry’s overt actions could inadvertently affect the elections are greatly reduced, if they exist at all, once voting ends, even if the election certification has not been completed.” distance”.

Barr’s letter to criminal prosecutors broke a days-long embarrassing silence as Trump and his campaign lawyers held press conferences and filed lawsuits devoid of any evidence of widespread fraud. Trump claims the voting irregularities explain why he was so late in the states he would need to win re-election, and refused to admit defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

A court official said he had not asked or directed Barr to issue his warrant.

The purpose of the warrant is unclear, as plaintiffs already know their responsibilities in investigating vote fraud and other irregularities. But that could help provide the president with some indication that Barr and the Justice Department are working to find evidence that Trump and his campaign has yet to provide.

“I authorize you to pursue substantive allegations of voting irregularities and vote scheduling prior to approval of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as you have already done in specific cases,” Barr told prosecutors in his memo on Monday.

“While serious allegations of voter fraud must be handled with extreme caution, claims that are speculative, speculative, fanciful, or far-fetched should not be the basis for initiating FBI investigations,” Barr wrote.

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Some justice officials have described Barr as obsessed with the idea of ​​vote rigging in recent weeks. Justice officials say he repeatedly inquired about the plaintiffs’ efforts to look for signs of fraud. He also asked about the possibility of sending federal officers to polling stations, although he was informed that federal law prohibits sending armed federal officers to guard ballot boxes.

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