Batman: Bruce Wayne and the Mystery Man reveal themselves in new photos

Now that I have been shot Batman is over, It remains only to wait patiently for the release of the movie. Expectation won’t happen, fortunately for fans of Gotham Judge, without new photos, whether or not they are officially released. Multiple users Reddit They already shared calendar previews BatmanAnd it’s a chance to discover new promotional photos of Mystery Man and Bruce Wayne. As you can see below, the latter is shown there looking down, in the rain or next to the iconic Batmobile.

The image also gives a clear hint of his costume’s appearance, which again reminds us of the one wearing the hero in the Arkham Knight video game. As for the Mysterious Man, we’re very far from the fluorescent green color combinations and question marks. The opponent also made his own costume consisting exclusively of a mask made of scotch tape, giving him an aspect that’s as intriguing as it is scary. Finally, you should also get to know the Catwoman and her motorcycle, but the picture quality is not as good as that The footage was recently revealed thanks to a behind-the-scenes video from Batman.

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