An exceptional year for Sandy Albert and Mary Yves Gallant

Especially notable are alumni Sandy Albert, of Saint Helier, and Mary Yves Gallant, of Saint Quentin.

Sandy Albert won the New Brunswick Nurses Association Award for Excellence in clinical practice and communication skills throughout her nursing education. Determined by the Nursing Science Sector, this award is awarded on the basis of the quality and impact of the practice on the well-being of the patients. Sandy Albert was also awarded the Edmundston Regional Hospital – Vitality Health Network award for second highest clinical course rate. She also won a New Brunswick Nurses Union grant for her distinction of leadership skills and active participation in extracurricular activities, an honor she shared with Dorcas Jean, from Croix-de-Bouquet, Haiti.

As for Mary Yves Gallant, she received the Edmundston Regional Hospital Medical Staff Award for highest average in clinical courses as well as the Nursing Sector Award for having the second highest overall average.

To publish the third highest average of clinical courses, Louise Genevas, of the rural community of Saint-Andre, and Karen Valcourt, of Kidgwick, shared the Jodin Residences Board Award.

The student with the highest GPA will receive an Excellence Award at the virtual campus graduation ceremony presented on the UMCE YouTube channel on Saturday May 22 at 2 pm.

The short award ceremony was held in person abroad at UMCE Belvedere. The event was co-hosted by former sector director Anne Sharon, who retired at the end of April, and her successor, Tina Emond.

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