Biden accuses Republicans of “attacking” the Texas concession

Joe Biden on Saturday denounced a text being adopted in Texas by local Republican elected officials for officially making the elections safer, but, according to the President of the United States, it represented a new “attack” against the right. Voting and democracy.

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In a press release, it was estimated that the great state of South America subsequently joined Georgia and Florida, with a Republican majority, by “attacking the sacred right to vote.”

“This is part of an attack on democracy that we have seen a lot this year,” the Democratic president added, saying it was “disproportionately targeting” African Americans and other minorities.

“ It’s 21 o’clocke Century, we must make it easier, not more difficult, to express the right to vote for every voter.

Both houses of Congress in Texas have reached a compromise on this text called Senate Bill 7, Which specifically prohibits voting in Driving in It imposed numerous restrictions on voting times as well as voting by post.

These restrictions were often directed towards facilitating voting arrangements that were particularly popular with minorities, especially African Americans – the electorate in general is more supportive of democracy.

Republicans say it’s about making future elections safer. They often cite fraud charges continued by former President Donald Trump, who claims without any evidence that the vote won by Joe Biden in November was “stolen” from him.

Since the presidential election, bills limiting access to voting in states have multiplied, on the initiative of Republicans.

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Georgia, the main state that Joe Biden won when he voted for the right in the presidential election for nearly three decades, was among the first countries to adopt such a text in March. The president had already denounced a law that trampled on “American values.”

His adoption sparked a crowd of hundreds of business representatives and celebrities who signed a declaration against laws restricting access to the polls.

On Saturday, Joe Biden called on the US Congress again to adopt two texts that, on the contrary, are supposed to promote the expression of the right to vote for all Americans. But the narrow majority of Democrats are complicating their adoption.

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