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Following the success of Fallout, a new sci-fi series is returning to Prime Video and will be available in a few days

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Fallout, Rebel Moon, or even Silo, it has to be said that when it comes to sci-fi movies or series, we are spoiled! but Did you know the outer range?This Prime Video series? If not, don’t delay any longer!

Season 2 of Outer Range will arrive in a few days!

Available on Prime Video like the Fallout series, The outdoor range appeared on our screens and therefore on the podium in 2022 During his first season. Created by Brian Watkins Starring Imogen Poots, Lee Taylor and even Tamara Podemski, Outer Range is a sci-fi series in which very strange phenomena occur…

Obviously we’ll avoid spoiling the first season for you if you’re interested but haven’t yet gotten a look at this season, but just to be clear, We find ourselves in Wyoming, within the lands of Royal AbbottWhile doing his work one day, he encounters a mystery in the middle of nature, on the edge of his property… Unfortunately, without much surprise, this discovery will have a chain reaction with disastrous consequences.

A rancher struggles to save his land and family and discovers an inexplicable mystery in the wilds of Wyoming.


If the first season has been available since 2022, know that it is at least 8 episodes long, and the good news is that its second season will appear in just a few days. In reality, Outer Range Season 2 will be available from May 16, and is still available on Prime Video.

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The series changes a little!

Unlike other sci-fi series and movies that we are used to seeing in a post-apocalyptic world, it is true that the outer scope changes a little! In fact, here We are in an atmosphere and decor reminiscent of the West, the far West, deep in the United States of America. Naturally, we do not expect to deal with such events!

on Rotten tomatoesIndeed, specialized critics were convinced by the series, and then attributed it to him score 79%, which is very honorable. However, viewers gave it a score of 60%. But as we always say, it’s better to form your own opinion!

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