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New device can treat spinal cord injuries – 98.5 Montreal

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Being the highway that allows, among other things, the passage of information from the brain to the various limbs, the spinal cord plays an enormous role in the proper functioning of a human being. Injuries to this area can cause paralysis.

Researchers, engineers and neuroscientists have created a new device that is fitted around the spinal cord and contains an array of sensors capable of receiving all electrical signals from the brain.

“They are able to interpret it, so they are able to know: ‘‘The brain wants to say what to the organs?’” That is what is so wonderful. Of course, at the moment we are still a long way from finding a treatment that will restore people’s mobility. But we can with this Technology helps us understand how the spinal cord works.

Listen to Martin Carley discuss this revolutionary new device for people with spinal cord injuries with Elizabeth Crete.

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