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Bonaventure: Major repairs planned for Town Hall

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In an interview with Radio Canada, outgoing Mayor Roch Odette explained that the building, which was constructed in 1967, has not undergone major renovations since then.

We have a water leakage issue at the level of the hood, windows and doors as well. that it [aussi] Building not suitable for people with reduced mobilityExplains the candidate for mayor again.

The roof, windows and exterior cladding are changed in the program. It is also planned to strengthen the structure of the building. All administrative offices will be on the second floor. The city council room is moved to the ground floor. A freight elevator will be added and the exterior design revised.

Outgoing Mayor of Bonaventure and Mayor Candidate, Roch Odette (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Francois Dechenne

The municipal administration got confirmation this summer that the work will be funded by about 67% through a regional program dedicated to municipal infrastructure. The city will bear the rest of the bill through a loan bylaw.

exorbitant bill

Roch Odette agrees that the bill for the work will be high, but believes the game is worth it. The outgoing team states that the Marylène-Pigeon swimming pool, located within the town hall, has already been the subject of significant investments in recent years.

He adds that the building will be flat once the work is done for a very long time. Today’s construction costs are still a bit surprising. If we renovate or build, we get roughly the same amount, summarizes Mr. Odette.

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The necessary investments should be determined soon, as the city plans to launch bids at the end of October. We will have the real costs when it comes outRoche Odette explains.

If all goes well, and if all the financing and loan regulations are settled, we should start [les travaux] In the spring of 2022 to be able to restore Town Hall for Christmas 2022.

Quote from:Roch Odette, outgoing Mayor of Bonaventure and candidate for mayor

The site has been operating for many years. The first drawings were produced around 2012 for the renovation of the building, but the project did not materialize at that time.

This matter was taken over by the existing municipal council in 2015. The initiative was then submitted for funding to the governorate government. Then Bonaventure was rejected and the project halted.

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