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Bouchard evaluates CH’s hopes

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Laval Rocket won’t have a chance to play in the qualifiers this season due to the pandemic, but Montreal Canadiens school club is in for a great campaign.

Despite everything that has happened in recent months, Joël Bouchard’s men set a record 22-5-2, allowing them to take first place in the Canadian division on Tuesday.

“I had hoped that the players would live this experience (the playoffs),” Saraoke’s head coach admitted, on Wednesday, in an interview JIC.

“The guys have been amazing since the start of the year, and they’ve had a model situation. So I’m very disappointed for them, but at the same time, to be able to play 36 games, half a season in the MLS, despite everything that happens, we’ll take it.” .

Then Bouchar wanted to give all the credit to the players who managed to handle the situation, which was not always clear.

“At one point, we had 35 players and there, we don’t even have any extras, or almost, that’s not normal, but hey, we have a plan, we talked to the players, it wasn’t always clear, he continued, but the offers were there.

“When the guys came to training, there was no downside. The guys took it really well and now they all realize that when you take care of your own business, the results come next.”

What did he say about …

Bouchar then spoke about a few of the players he has worked with over the past few years. This is what he said about them:

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Ryan Bohling and Jake Evans

“Both of them came from the NCAA, there is an adaptation in the style of play, and this is true for all players. I think Jake Evans quickly realized what prescription he needed to progress among the pros and had no questions when he was on the ice.

“Ryan Boiling this year moved away from his wanderlust because he found what brought him professional success. We created the style of play with him, we talked to him, he applied himself and the rest followed him, the offensive production arrived. He took up a lot of space on the ice this year and even in the locker room and on the bench I saw A man was more comfortable. “

Kayden Primo

“I’ve always said that I probably love Kaiden so much from day one. I saw him senior in the organization. I said at the start of the year that I would not trade him for any AHL goalkeeper because I believe in him in the short, medium and long term.”

“I was happy for him after his performance in front of the Senators, I thought he looked solid and mature. He’s a strong individual, he’s a competitor in a very calm state of mind, which inspires confidence. You just have to give her time to keep adjusting.”

Cole Caufield

“I’m not surprised (by his successes) because he’s a hockey player. He’s a guy with an extraordinary passion for scoring goals. He’s a comfortable guy, you don’t score that many goals when you’re embarrassed or insecure on the ice, so I raise the hats for a young player who can excel.

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“He is a good person, smiles, loves to play hockey and does not complicate his life much. What I loved most about the two games (with us) is that after the first match I asked him for some adjustments, and in the next match I saw that he devoted himself to trying to do it on ice and this is a sign that The young man understands what is going on, he is an investor and a participant. So I am happy for him and the Canadian. “

Alex Barry Bollet

“I’m so happy for him. He’s a hockey player, he’s got a very good instinct. He’s not the biggest, he’s not the fastest, but he’s able to see what’s happening on the ice, find solutions and adapt. He had a direct impact in his first year in Major League Soccer (with the crisis)” Which continues to progress (with lightning).

“I make sure to watch what our former players (with Armada) are doing everywhere, we want our little kids to do a good job when they introduce themselves to us, whole men who bought what we ‘wanted to develop’.”

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