Bruno Marchand is ready to “facilitate” the return of the Nordic countries, but he will not invest

Mayor Marchand agrees to act as a facilitator in the Nordic Returns, but does not intend to spend public money at the company.

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“We will be facilitators if necessary.” Bruno Marchand knew on Friday when he met Prime Minister Francois Legault that the Nordic case would be discussed. The day before, the Prime Minister had positioned himself as the person who wanted to return the concession to the city. Mr Lego actually went so far as to say he had spoken to the National Hockey League (NHL) commissioner, Gary Pittman, and that he had asked the finance minister, Eric Gerrard, to lead the file.

Bruno Marchand considers this a file for the mayor of Quebec a “very limited role” in which he would not hesitate to present himself as a collaborator, particularly by bringing together entrepreneurs interested in the project.

But he will not commit money from the city to implement the project. “Nothing in the budget. […] At the moment, the city has no money to put into this project,” said the mayor a few minutes before he participated in his first meeting of the municipal council.

“If the private investors wanted to bring the club back and were able to get the capital needed to bring the club back, if there was a situation in the National League that would allow it, we would be favorable. There is a runway in place and waiting.”

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He says it would be more interesting from a financial point of view for the city if the Nordic family returned. “Everyone wins.” He himself does not intend to take any steps to join the NHL Rewards. “I don’t have Gary Bateman’s cell phone yet and I don’t know if he’ll answer,” he joked.

Not in priority

Opposition leader Claude Villeneuve said he agreed with the mayor in the role of mediator. But he believes that the return of the Nordic countries is not on the citizens’ list of priorities.

“I, 50 days ago, went door-to-door and there is not a single door in which I spoke of the return of the Nordic countries. I think Quebecers would be happy to have a Nordic come back, but I do not have the impression that it is in their priority at the moment.”

He noted that the National Hockey League is often issued as a condition for the team’s return

Maintain a certain appreciation. “Mr Legault wanted to go further on this land, that is very good, I am glad, I think it will please a lot of people from Quebec, but for my part, I prefer to remain discreet about these questions.- .”

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