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Budget Quebec: What are the prospects for Ottawa?

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The president of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce, Stéphane Besson, intends to keep a close eye on the budgetary measures that can be found there regarding labor shortages, worker training and tax breaks for companies doing business with the Quebec government.

It will also monitor potential actions related to the tourism supply, revitalization of the downtown area and wealth creation for the Awais area. All from a perspective where public finances should be in good health, he adds at the same time.

I understand that we are in an election year, but we have to be careful, because at some point, if we spend more than we receive, we necessarily find ourselves in a somewhat more difficult situation. I can talk to you about culture, I can talk to you about childcare, I can talk to you about social housing…There are crying needs in many areas. »

Quote from Stephane Besson, President of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce

Any budgetary measure relating to housing that may appear in the budget will be carefully examined by the Logemen’occupy. In a press release sent on Tuesday, the organization claims to have great predictions For this budget to help combat the housing crisis.

In an interview with Radio Canada, Logemen’occupy’s coordinator, François Roy, confirmed that his organization would like to see this budget Huge investments in social and community housing, in parallel with the new affordable housing program Quebec, like other organizations and groups that deal with housing.

For us, priority must be given to the families most affected, so in this case, families with low and modest incomes are the first victims of the housing crisis.Mr. Roy continues.

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Moreover, the organization indicated in its press release that Community housing stakeholders and many Awais municipalities have also expressed their request [de] Sufficiently fund the AccesLogis program and plan at least 5,000 new units for the next year.

The occupation of Logamine continues with reference to this This new modular programming, according to it, must be multi-year so that long-term development can be planned.

Only through this commitment will we be able to meet the needs of families, where there is a dire shortage of larger housing, or of the elderly on low or modest incomes, who cannot afford the staggering rents required by the great profit-making of housing. »

Quote from Excerpts from Logemen’Occupy’s press release

The province’s 2022-2023 budget will be revealed by Quebec Minister Eric Girard to the public on Tuesday afternoon.

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