Cambridge residents will benefit from improved community infrastructure

Cambridge, ON, April 30, 2021 / CNW / – Across the country, Canadians are feeling the effects of COVID-19 on their families, livelihoods and lifestyle. Together, Canada And theOntario Working to reduce the impact of the epidemic, ensuring health and safety, returning businesses to their feet, and promoting job creation, growth and investment.

Today, Brian MayMember of Parliament for Cambridge, on behalf of the Esquire Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Societies, Amy inParliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Children, Society and Social Services (Children and Autism Services), Member of the Regional Parliament for Kitchener South-Hespeler, on behalf of the Honorable Laurie ScottInfrastructure MinisterOntarioAnd the Mike HarrisParliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forests, Member of Regional Parliament for Kitchener-Konstoga, Mike MannDeputy Mayor of Cambridge, W. Peter SweeneyThe General Manager of Three Rivers YMCA announced joint funding to improve the library inHispyler And the Chaplin YMCA Cambridge family.

Government Canada More than $ 453,000 is invested in these projects as part of the plan’s community, cultural, and entertainment infrastructure Invest in Canada. Government contributionOntario It amounts to more than $ 377,000. The City of Cambridge More than $ 31,000 is earmarked for a library projectHispylerWhile the Three Rivers YMCA allocates more than $ 271,000 to the YMCA Chaplin Family project.

Funding for a libraryHispyler It would allow an old elevator to be renovated to improve reliability and add new access features. In addition, thanks to these improvements, the elevator will consume less energy. The YMCA Chaplin family renovation project includes replacing the HVAC and lighting systems, as well as replacing the exterior grout, to make the installation more energy efficient and economical.

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When completed, these projects will improve the quality and accessibility of the facilities for the benefit of residents and visitors.

All levels of government continue to work together for a peopleOntario To make strategic infrastructure investments in communities across the province when they are most needed.


“Community infrastructure is essential to provide residents with comprehensive and vibrant programs. Thanks to the investments announced today for a libraryHispyler And in Chaplin Family YMCA, residents will have access to modern and accessible places to meet and stay healthy. “

Brian MayMember of Parliament for Cambridge, on behalf of the Esquire Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Communities

“LibraryHispyler And Chaplin Family YMCA are popular destinations for Cambridge residents. Now more than ever, we know that investments in health and well-being are critically important, and these projects will go a long way to improving the quality and accessibility of this infrastructure for future generations. “

Amy inAnd the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children, Society and Social Services (Services for Children and Autism), Member of the Regional Parliament for Kitchener Sood-Hespeler, In the name of the honorable ones Laurie ScottInfrastructure MinisterOntario

“Improvements to increase the quality and accessibility of our community’s infrastructure are making our region a better place for individuals and families to settle. I am pleased that the regional and federal governments continue to work with local partners such as City of Cambridge And the YMCA in Three Rivers to support important projects like this one in the Waterloo area. “

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Mike HarrisAnd the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forests, Member of Regional Parliament for Kitchener-Konstoga

These are important public infrastructures that make Cambridge truly a wonderful community to live, work and play. Accessibility and sustainability are our priorities, and investments like these support all our efforts. Thank you to our government partners at the provincial and federal levels for their recognition of the importance of these community centers and equipping them so that future generations can benefit from them. “

Mike MannDeputy Mayor of Cambridge on behalf of Catherine McGarryMayor of Cambridge

“Y has been a vital part of Cambridge for over 160 years, and we are grateful for the support provided by the federal and county governments, which allows us to invest in the Y Chaplin family to continue to provide a safe and welcoming space. Where people can bond and stay healthy.”

Peter SweeneyAnd the Director General of the Three Rivers YMCA

quick Facts

  • As part of the plan Invest in Canada, The federal government is investing more than $ 180 billion over 12 years in projects targeting public transportation, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, as well as rural and northern communities in Canada. Canada.
  • Government Canada It has invested more than $ 8.7 billion in more than 3,100 infrastructure projects Ontario.
  • For the next ten years, a governmentOntario It will invest about $ 320 million countywide and the federal government will invest about $ 407 million in Ontario As part of society, and a cultural and entertainment infrastructure component to invest in Canada. This component supports the construction of new facilities and the modernization of existing facilities to improve community infrastructure (such as community centers and libraries), recreation areas (such as plazas, indoor and outdoor recreational spaces.) And cultural spaces (such as theaters and museums).
  • L ‘Ontario Investing more than $ 10.2 billion by investing in Canada To support public transportation, community, cultural and entertainment infrastructure, green infrastructure, infrastructure for rural and northern communities, and other priority infrastructure projects.
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