Marina Orsini looks back at the worst portrayals of her career

While he was a starAnother story Was a guest Julie Belanger And the Jose Goudia Friday night at Well ends the weekCaptured in the worst shooting of her career, it was very tough mentally and physically.

Marina Orsini She was actually back in the most difficult project of her life, which was the Quebec mini-chain project Lust, Toured over a period of three months and broadcast on Radio Canada In 1993. This illustrates the story of a young Native American who was kidnapped by the French.

It was after Julie Bellanger questioned her about the topic that the actress and host were involved in Second chance He emphasized: He was a character who gets abused a lot. I was locked in cages. Often I would barely get dressed. […] It hurts me so much. I was tied, pushed, and flogged. They have been expelled from spirits, at one point or another, in one scene. »

« One evening, we were filming scenes where I was doing the fertility dance around the fires, outside, in Saguenay … and I got drunk! I ended up on a board in the emergency room with the oxygen tanks. […] They started seven or eight fires. The picture was beautiful, but I was breathing [la fumée et la sève] », Marina says.

« There have been many cases like this for three months! So yeah, one day, on the set, I was still being mistreated and collapsed. It has collapsed. I left the group, went to a corner and accompanied for half an hour. You might be an actress, at some point when you get hit, you get hit! Yes, you can pretend, depending on the angle of the camera, but often things turn out to be true She added.

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Marina still maintains it was an extraordinary photo session despite the agonizing harassment, thanks to the narrated story, sets, outfits and scenes filmed in castles in France, among others. She also wanted to revive the talent of the popular director Jean BowdenHe passed away in 2019.

Watch Marina Orsini’s full interview at http://www.marina Orsini Well ends the weekAnd the from here!

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