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Campaign errors

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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There are several ways to write a campaign report. Let me go there and talk about every chef’s fatal mistake.

Justin Trudeau

The fatal mistake was to call these elections. Simply. During the weeks, he had to multiply the reasons to justify it, without convincing. Then he turned his campaign into a business of demonizing conservatives. As usual. In addition to carrying out campaigns in the areas of regional jurisdiction. Without the anti-vaccine activists who stepped up his campaign by harassing him, he would have risked a stampede.

Erin O’Toole

The man is not without merit, but he seems unable to answer the slightest question directly. It is the weakness of her drive that makes her lame and limp. Ah yes, he played the coward at the time of the fireworks brawl, explaining that we should have censored the books without burning them.

Yves Francois Blanchett

As usual, the Sovereigns were ashamed of their choice and hid it at the beginning of the campaign. The block has also been very cautious about identity issues. The English debate had to put them back at the center of our political life in order for them to be dominated by the bloc. Will advocates of sovereignty ever understand that their cause is identity rather than progressive?

Jagmeet Singh

Here is a leader who claims to speak to the people of Quebec but explains without embarrassment that a real leader does not care about respecting constitutional jurisdiction. In other words, their independence does not matter. In other words, their story does not matter. Rest assured: In Canadian politics, Jagmeet Singh doesn’t matter.

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Anami Pol

From the height of her wonderful victim, the lady wanted to educate Yves Francois Blanchett on the issue of racism. But who do you think she is? She climbs so high up the descent ladder that she will eventually feel dizzy.

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