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Canada condemns Russian attack on Ukraine

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Alan Binder
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Canada condemns Russia’s “unjustified” attack on Ukraine and announces its participation in the G7 meeting on Thursday to consider imposing further sanctions on Moscow.

“Canada condemns in the strongest terms the unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine,” the Canadian Prime Minister’s office said in a statement on Wednesday.

Ottawa believes that these “unjustified” actions are a flagrant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, before it demanded that Moscow withdraw all its military forces from the country.

Trudeau warns that Russia’s actions will have dire consequences, as the West prepares to impose additional sanctions on Moscow.

“[Jeudi]I will meet with our G7 partners, and we will continue to work quickly and closely with NATO and our allies to provide a collective response to these irresponsible and dangerous actions, including imposing significant sanctions that will be added to those we have already announced,” Mr. Trudeau noted.

In the face of this escalation provoked by Moscow, Canada will take further measures to put an end to this “unjustified” aggression.

He promised that “the atrocities of Russia will not go unpunished.”

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