Canada – the United States at the border | US extends lockdown

(Washington) The US Department of Homeland Security has reportedly extended travel restrictions to Canada and Mexico in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic by 30 days.

The move, first reported by Reuters, comes despite the Canadian government’s decision to begin easing its own restrictions on fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents starting August 9.

Nor is it a surprise: Public Safety Secretary Bill Blair said Monday that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas warned him that the United States would not follow Canada’s lead.

Border experts say the Biden administration is unlikely to be willing to open the US-Mexico border, given the refugee crisis there, and want to reopen the border at the same time.

The news has outraged US critics and lawmakers, who have been pressing the White House to ease restrictions in place since March 2020.

New York representative Brian Higgins said he was “outraged” by the decision, which he called “completely unnecessary”.

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