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Canadian | Jesse Yellonen will finally be vaccinated

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Only fools don’t change their minds. Jesse Yellonen chose his team.

Simon Olivier Lorang

Simon Olivier Lorang

Amal Al-Kindi told Finnish media evening news That he reconsidered his decision and that he would finally get a vaccine against COVID-19.

Journalism It was revealed last Sunday that Yelonen, 21, was the only player invited to the Canadian rookie camp and not sufficiently vaccinated. In doing so, he had to go into quarantine upon entering Canada, which saw him miss the early days of camp as well as two exhibition games against the young players of the Ottawa Senators.

However, the Finn, the club’s second-round pick in 2018, has been invited to the Canadians’ main training camp, which begins on Thursday.

Yelonen told journalist Phil Toro that he was not pressured by the organization and that at the end of the day, the decision to vaccinate or not was up to him. After some thought, he nevertheless came to the conclusion that “the season would have been difficult” had he not changed his stance.

The striker, who is expected to play for Laval Rocket, in the MLS this season, will likely not be able to play in the Canadiens school games in the United States, because he would have to undergo quarantine on every return home. It would have deprived him of 22 out of 72 matches.

It was also possible to seriously understand his situation with the Canadians.

According to the protocol established by the NHL in conjunction with the Players’ Association, players in the ring who decide not to be vaccinated will be deprived of their salaries for games they cannot play because of their choice or those they will miss if they are. Infected with COVID-19 after violating current health rules.

We can conclude that Ylönen, who will be one of the first players to be called up from the Palace in case the Canadian is injured, has fallen several places in the organization’s hierarchy. However, he must regain his streaks with his vaccine.

Bertozzi and Rinaldo

Tyler Bertuzzi is by far the most popular name among the few NHL players known to be invulnerable. The young Detroit Red Wings star will miss all matches his team will play on Canadian soil in 2021-2022 and mark his $450,000 salary.

Earlier this week, the Columbus Blue Jackets indicated that Zach Reinaldo would not report to the club’s training camp, and would not play in the National Hockey League this season.

Rinaldo, who spoke last week at a rally for the Canadian People’s Party, a political party that opposes the vaccine passport, has yet to receive any vaccine. Therefore, Al Ulster has appointed him to the MLS school club until further notice. The organization had opened the door, a few days ago, to assistant coach Sylvain Lefebvre for the same reasons.

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