Cases increased by 38% in one week in Canada

The fourth wave is being felt more and more throughout the country. The number of cases is up 38% in the past seven days, compared to the previous week, Canada’s top public health official said Friday.

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Between August 13 and 19, the country recorded 2,216 new infections. During the same period, 648 Canadians were hospitalized with COVID-19; This is a 22% increase compared to August 6-12.

The number of people in intensive care rose to 262, an increase of 24%.

Additionally, Canada’s chief public health official notes that the delta variant is responsible for the majority of new infections. She is also concerned that this alternative could interfere with the effectiveness of vaccines.

Public health is also concerned with the emergence of new variables in regions and environments where the vaccination rate is lower. This situation may also contribute to the spread of vaccine-resistant variants.

In fact, most cases of COVID-19, as well as hospitalizations and deaths in the past week, have occurred in people who are not immunized.

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