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Top 5 Most Fun Multiplayer Mobile Games You Can Play Online

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If you have a smartphone or other handheld device then you’ll be aware of how popular mobile games have become in the last few years. Due to technological advancements but also to the genius of game designers and developers, mobile games are all the rage today.

Everyone and their grandma is playing an online mobile game in this day and age. And if you’re not, this article will present some of the most fun and visually stunning mobile games that will surely make you want to try them out.

Since the mobile gaming market has become super competitive, developers have started offering multiplayer online mobile games. This means that you can now play your favorite game with your best friends, your guitar teacher, or, as mentioned, even with your grandmother.

As the competition gets more and more fierce, game developers are looking at the most compelling qualities a game must have in order to attract players. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile games and online casino games out there that look great.

But, few of them are as famous and world-renowned as Candy Crush, Temple Run, and Angry Birds. Mopub have listed a few important qualities mobile games need to have in order for players to fall in love with them:

1. Make a recognizable but also an innovative game

Although most developers and game designers are looking to create new games all the time, if they’re too new people are most likely not going to be attracted by them. The secret is to have a balance between familiar elements, like gameplay and graphics, and the newness element.

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Essentially, players must know how to navigate the game based on other games they know but also be intrigued by the new elements your game is bringing to the table.

2. Make it multiplayer

Yes, this is indeed an important factor in determining the popularity of an online game. People that play together stay together, and as most people have friends it makes sense that you’ll want to offer a multiplayer variant of your game.

This checks off the social aspect of a mobile game. People love to share fun stuff with their friends and this applies to fun games. Be sure that if your audience play your game with their friends in the first few days your game is out, they are sure to still be playing 30 days from your release date.

3. Update your game as often as you can

Yeah updates might feel annoying when you have to do them, but in the long run, no one likes a game that lags behind, is full of bugs, and you can’t buy your extras when you need them. So ensure you’ve hired a great team of developers that can catch a bug before people start quitting the game.

The 5 Most Popular Multiplayer Mobile Games Today

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends has been around for quite a few years. With the Wild Rift edition developers have stepped up their game. The game has sensational graphics, presents tons of heroes you can choose from and is super mobile-friendly.

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If you’re new at playing this game you might want to check out the guides: Wilf Rift tier list and Wild Rift Champions Guide.

2. SNAP Poker

What is SNAP Poker? The internet is actually going viral with this question. SNAP Poker is rather new and not a lot of people can explain what type of game it really is. 

This type of online multiplayer poker game is played at lightning speed. You can play as a cash game or queue into a tournament.

The idea behind this fast-paced online poker variant is to get rid of wasted time while you’re waiting for the other players to make their move, or even when you fold the game. With SNAP poker you’ll be able to move quickly from table to table without any waiting time, the moment you fold.

This means that you’ll join a new table instantly upon folding your hand. The best part about it is the SNAP Fold feature that lets you jump out of the current game and into a new game even if it’s not your turn yet.

It’s fun, exciting, and will surely get your adrenaline levels up.

3. Heartstone

Based on the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is yet another famous card-based game that you can play on your mobile device. The game enables you to protect your character while building synergies that can attack incoming opponents.

The rules of play are easy and the gameplay is engaging, lending this soon-to-be all-time classic an irresistible vibe.

4. Fortnite

If you aren’t familiar with Fortnite then trying it will prove to be a lot of fun. This game has really put online mobile shooter games on the map. The best part about it? It’s completely free to play.

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5. Pokémon Go

Everyone in the world has heard of Pokémon, and the Pokémon emporium that formed around the famous cartoon animation and game isn’t any less famous. Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality game (AR), one of the first mega-successful game of its kind.

The aim of the game is to obviously search and catch as many Pokémon’s as possible. Still, the greatest element of this online mobile game is its highly interactive gameplay. You’re mostly out and about on the streets and you get to meet others playing the same game close by.


Regardless of the smartphone or handheld device, you’re currently sporting, there is sure to be a multiplayer mobile game you can play online. Whether it’s Fortnite you’re into or SNAP poker, the best thing you can do is try them out for yourself and see what fits.

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