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Census campaign of dogs and cats in Témiscamingue

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Alan Binder
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Since last November, SPCA inventory clerks have been going door-to-door in municipalities to register animals.

The refuge performs this mandate on behalf of the municipalities and in accordance with P-38 and applicable municipal regulations.

The project was made possible by the financial support provided by the MRC through the Provincial and Provincial Fund, and is due to finish next June.

[L’opération] It has two purposes. The first is to take an inventory, to get a comprehensive picture of how many pets, dogs and cats we have in Témiscamingue, and the second is to comply with P-38 that obliges municipalities to put in place a medal scoring system. Observing some things according to the law, explains Shelter Vice President Genevieve Boucher.

The census has already been completed in two municipalities in eastern Témiscamingue.

The Asylum team is progressing well on its mission, according to Genevieve Boucher.

What we’ve seen so far is that people are very receptive, they are happy with the initiative, there is good cooperation, and our clients have no trouble getting information. People cooperate well and we have also made an option to award 2022 to the municipalities that signed with the shelter, because there are three municipalities that decided to go on their own, but those that cooperate with the shelter we give medals for free for 2022, as you say.

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