Charming little corners of Seton Village

London Street.

Returning to London, he continued west. What a charming little corner of the city! This Nick Sweetman mural on the garage door pairs perfectly with the yellow and purple spring flowers framing it.

Turning around in the adjacent lane, you’ll discover an old stable whose second floor seems to have been stopped in time. Continue to explore the neighborhood to the west, down Euclid Street, home to the homes of the other fairies. Then head east on Follis Avenue to Karma Lane.

Karma is karma

We finish off the Seton Village circuit in style. As the labels say, you’ll find food collaborations down this aisle. We can’t miss Karma Cooperative Society, with a huge mural covering its sides.

Seton Village, Toronto
La Karma cooperative in Karma Lane.

In contrast, there is a very good example of a phenomenon that we will see more often in Toronto: ‘rickshaw homes’: ‘lane houses’, which are generally used as secondary rental properties.

The Karmahaus It was built in 2020 at a cost of $400,000 by the owner and founder of North on Sixty, a company committed to the most advanced processes for efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly building. Because… Karma is Karma.

Seton Village, Toronto
No ‘Karmahouse’ in Karma Lane.

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Seton Village, Toronto
The proposed circle is 3 km long around the village of Setun.

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