Chris: Who’s left between Darwin and Hoffman?

The trade deadline is fast approaching in the National Hockey League (NHL).

You are Kent Hughes and you can only have one player between Mike Hoffman and Jonathan Drouin. Who do you turn to?

The question was asked to journalists Nicolas Cloutier and Anthony Martineau as part of the “Recruits” section presented during the “JiC” programme.

Martino was the first to speak, keeping in view the “pride of Saint Agatha”.

“We seem to forget that when he was injured, Jonathan Drouin had the best average points per game amongst the Montreal Canadiens. I am curious what a man like him, who is perhaps one of the smartest NHL clubs in possession of a puck, could do, with confidence and within a system Martin St-Louis the most lenient.Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes talk about wanting a fast, skill-based team.In Jonathan Drouin, you find a 26-year-old ticking both boxes.

The journalist also praised the qualities of Quebec without a disk.

“If he does not produce, and this must be emphasized, the number 92 can still help the team on many levels. He is a very effective front-end checker and is capable of turning things around. He is a student Toy Which has greatly improved the intensity of its defensive withdrawals, especially over the past two years. And since this is a Darwin-Hoffman discussion, I’ll tell you this: Jonathan Drouin is five years younger than Mike Hoffman. And Hoffman has unfortunately proven too often that if he doesn’t score in a match, he hurts the Canadians.”

Hoffman, a more predictable value?

Then Nicholas Cloutier spoke, noting the inclination towards Hoffmann for several reasons.

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“A problem for me is that I know exactly what I’m getting from Mike Hoffman, but I can’t say the same from Jonathan Drouin. Is he the guy who’s going to help you in first, second, and third grade? The guy who’s going to produce 5v5 or in the power game? Mike Hoffman? “I know who he is. He’s a man with a lack of defense. A man who won’t produce with equal power. But I know he’ll score with another man.”

Cloutier continued.

“Also, I would say Jonathan Drouin has missed 80 games since 2019-20, while Hoffman has only missed 19. I think Hoffman is a much more known and predictable value. I think if you accept the idea that Hoffman is not a presence in the locker room He’s not a defensive presence either, but he’s a guy who will score goals in strong play, you can do something with him.His contract is less imposing than Drouin’s (from an annual salary standpoint).

Watch the full clip in the main video.

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