Climate City Challenges in Quebec

Three years ago, more than 400 Quebec municipalities signed on Declaration of a state of climate emergency. This is a document in which elected officials commit to recognize the importance of taking action for the planet. Concretely, they are committed to rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their municipality.

It must be remembered that municipalities in Quebec are beginning to feel the effects of climate change: increased frequency of floods, for example, or heat waves amplified by urban heat.

Where are they three years later? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

In Kandiak and Shefford, what were the reasons for the signing of this climate emergency declaration? The signature is not binding, but what measures were taken? What are the weaknesses? How are the city’s vulnerabilities assessed and prioritized in particular?

Shefford is the first city in Quebec to become carbon neutral. that they They got their degree a year ago. What does this mean on earth? What is the status of citizens in this green transition?

“A municipality cannot become carbon neutral on its own. It has a role to play in leadership, spillover, and partnership” – Johanne Boisvert


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Photo: Canton of Shefford

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