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Cole Caufield’s confidence has been rebuilt at the expense of his defensive game

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Virginia Whitehead
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Cole Caufield is a new man under Martin St. Louis. In fact, I dare say I don’t remember a player in recent years who has benefited much from a change behind the bench.

Clearly, his confidence has returned. How was the magic trick performed?

According to Daniel Savaggio, During his last column in 98.5 sportsThis was built at the expense of his defensive game. It confirms that the player has more freedom to do what they want and that it pays off.

To earn his trust, that’s fine. However, he will have to learn to be in charge at 200 feet as well.

Before, Coffield had never left his territory without a guarantee that he could perform in a play, and now he has the freedom to try things and this is paying off. However, he sometimes puts his club in trouble.

What Daniel Savaggio wants to see is a player who does not guarantee that the number of shots against his goalkeeper is higher than the number of shots attempted by CH.

Currently, CH is allowing an average of more than 40 shots per game since the deadline. Curry wouldn’t change that on his own with the confidence he would give his players if he played tonight.

This isn’t the first time Martin St. Louis has been questioned about his defensive model. At the start of his tenure, he was accused of playing man to man and was called up by Michel Bergeron yesterday.

It will take more than that Not wanting to take the bus back to townthis means.

Daniel Sauvago believes this may help persuade the Superstars to sign up for Montreal to play in an open game concept under St. Louis, but above all it will take more defensive rigor to find an effective compromise.

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