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Collective work request | Young people accuse Canada of not taking climate action

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Despite the court’s first dismissal, Environnement Jeunesse has not waived its request for collective action against the federal government, which it accuses of failing to act to curb global warming. The organization believes that Canada is violating the basic rights of its citizens, especially young people.

Veronique LuzonVeronique Luzon

The Environnement Jeunesse (ENJEU) was before the Quebec Court of Appeals on Tuesday to ask for the green light to file a class action suit of all Quebecers under the age of 35 against Ottawa. According to this group of young people, Canada is violating the rights of Quebecers who will have to live with the consequences of neglecting previous generations.

To be sure, the government is “aware of the urgency, consequences and harms” of global warming, but it is not responding to the remark by refusing to introduce strong and necessary measures, as explained by the Advocate for the Youth Environment.H Bruce Johnston.

“We pledge, we say something, but if you don’t follow through, it’s wrong. It’s wrong! We know there are very dire consequences,” said M.H Johnston. He therefore hoped to convince the three judges of the importance of authorizing this collective action, which the trial judge rejected in July 2019.

Among the accusations, Canada has set itself insufficient greenhouse gas reduction targets and never achieved them, we can read in the ENJEU summary presented in court.

“If we participated in the realization that we would not be able, why would we intervene?H Johnston Tuesday before the three judges. what does that mean? We make an international commitment, acknowledge our responsibility, and then say we are fundamentally unable to do so. I think he deserves someone to explain it to the judge. ”

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Prosecutors in the federal government have argued that although the “case is big” and the “most important case,” the procedural mechanism (i.e. the class action suit) is inadequate.

We’re trying to get a court statement that Canada’s public policy is insufficient in its fight against climate change. This law does not target a specific law, procedure, or procedure. Rather, it generally targets the objectives and all measures without specifying any of them. “H Marjolyn Britton.

For this prosecutor, if the class action is heard in court and ENJEU wins, the entire community can benefit from the outcome. Not the only members of the class action, and are Quebecers 35 years of age or younger. Therefore it believes that the request of the organization should not be allowed.

Moreover, even if the collective action aims to convict Canada of paying $ 100 to every Quebecer under the age of 35, the organization’s attorney told judges the money would not go into the youth’s pocket. Instead, it will be used to help curb global warming.

“We have a justifiable reason. The opportunity is now to discuss this question. It is an urgent issue and deserves to take the court’s time.”H Bruce Johnston.

The judges of the Quebec Court of Appeals will issue their ruling soon.

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