Colorado | The shooter was killed after the shooting, killing five and wounding three

(Washington) A man acting alone killed five people and wounded two others, including a police officer, on Monday in Colorado, in the United States, before being shot, US police said.

Police said at a news conference Monday evening that the man opened fire at several locations in the nearby towns of Denver and Lakewood starting Monday afternoon.

City police said Tuesday at a new news conference that the gunman initially opened fire on a Denver tattoo parlor, killing two women and wounding a man.

The shooter then moved to a home in Denver, where he fatally shot a man outside.

Police said he then traveled to Lakewood, where he shot a man at another tattoo parlor, before entering the hotel where he fired several shots at a receptionist who also died.

Using information from the first attack, Lakewood Police were able to identify the culprit who moved again.

Then we shoot again with our agents and the “shooter.” […] Lakewood Police spokesman John Romero said Monday night that the perpetrator “was pronounced dead at the scene.”

She will have surgery but she is “okay”, John Romero said on Tuesday after she was exposed during a shootout to the policewoman in Lakewood who shot the suspect.

“From what we know, it appears that the offender was targeting specific individuals,” Denver police said.

According to its leader, Paul Bazin, investigators have not yet definitively determined the motive behind the attacks.

“We are very early in the investigation,” he said.

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Shootings remain a recurring disaster in the United States, claiming large numbers of casualties in a country where the right to own guns is guaranteed by the constitution.

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