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World Juniors: Bedard shines in Canada’s win over Austria

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With his fourth goal of the game at the start of the third half, he became the first 16-year-old Canadian player to achieve the feat in world junior history.

Bedard became the sixth Junior Team Canada player to score four goals in a single game in this tournament, after Mario Lemieux, Simon Janney, Brayden Sheen, Taylor Radish and Maxime Comtua.

Only one 16-year-old scored a hat-trick for Canada during the tournament, and it was none other than Wayne Gretzky.

It’s great to hear his name next to one of the best players in historyBedard said. It’s only one game and I don’t think I’ll get more than 2,800 points in the National Hockey League. It’s fun, but we still have a long way to go in this tournament.

All of Canada’s forwards (2-0-0-0) have scored at least one point in this match, starting with Bedard. Mason McTavish scored two goals and one assist while Cole Perfetti scored a goal and added two assists.

Maverick Burke, Lukas Cormier, Logan Stankoven and Kent Johnson also made a mark for the Maple Leaf representatives, who started the tournament with a 6-3 win over the Czech Republic.

Brett Brochu earned coach Dave Cameron’s confidence and defended the cage for Canada. The London Knights goalkeeper in the OHL allowed two goals from 22 shots.

Lucas Nesissani and Mathias Bohm hit back in favor of Austria (0-0-2-0), who continued to work even though the match was out of the way for too long.

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Leon Sommer conceded 11 times in 64 shots, but he also made great saves during the match. He will also be able to thank his posts that have saved five more goals.

Canada is not the easiest team in the confrontationVinzenz Rohrer, Diet Latakant. We wanted to focus on our game. We had a great time during the match and we can get away with that. In the second half, the score was 1-1.

Canadian striker Justin Surdev has served a match suspension for illegally checking the head of a Czech player. Meanwhile, his teammate Xavier Borgault was out of training after suffering a blow to the head.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed so he can skate tomorrowCameron said.

Canada will continue its championship on Wednesday evening, against Germany. Finland completes group A.

Bidard Show

Canada quickly smashed into Austria’s net and opened the door when he capitalized on strong play after more than five minutes of play. Perfetti put in a superb cross pass to Johnson, who hit the landing with precision.

Kayden Gaul, captain of Canada, and Marco Casper, captain of Austria

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jason Franson

Cormier and Stankoven then added to the Canadian team their wrist shots. Cormier first came into the center of the area to outsmart Sommer when he defeated Austrian Stankoven before unleashing a counter throw.

In the power game on the first frame, Bedard jumped on his return to put the disc in the top corner. The 16-year-old striker then took the lead to 5-0 when he completed a superb feat for Will Cuylle during a redundant climb.

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Bedard scored a hat-trick in 6:13 of the second half. He did a great trick before firing a quick shot that Somer didn’t see.

Nesissani allowed Austria to celebrate just 31 seconds before the end of the second half. Vincennes Rohrer caught the imp after a dangerous walk from Brochu and was impatient to locate a mate on the other side. Necesany put the disc in a practically empty cage.

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Dave Cameron’s men picked where they left off at the 27th of the final third. Perfetti took advantage of a defensive tackle from candidate Marco Casper and cheated Sommer’s vigilance.

Bedard did not want to be outdone as he scored his fourth goal of the match a few minutes later. Quill put the puck where his teammates could turn it to the top of the net.

McTavish entered the match with two goals in 47 seconds to put Canada in the top ten. On his first goal, he accepted a fine pass from Dylan Ginter before stitching the needle as his second goal came after he jumped in a return throw.

Porky added two cents when he had room to beat Somer between the pads after a nice entry from Perfetti.

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In the final moments of a penalty kick on Carson Lampus, Bohm snatched a throw in the net and gave Austria the second goal.

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