Friday, April 19, 2024

COVID-19 Lottery: The winner wants a new … used car

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The first million dollar lottery winner in Ohio wants to buy a new car, but looks at the car.

We now know the first winners of this lottery that wants to encourage Ohioans to get vaccinated. This lottery does not require a participation ticket, only proof of vaccination.

Abigail Boginsky won the first draw. Despite the gains, this 22-year-old keeps his feet on the ground.

“I’m thinking of buying a car, but not Lamborghini or anything else and donating a few dollars to foundations,” says Abigail Boginsky.

The most surprising thing is that she wants to buy a used car.

“I had a test drive this afternoon, but it was canceled, but I will definitely continue to search for a user of my new car,” she explains.

With this million, she wants to pursue her aeronautical engineering studies.

Unlike the usual lottery where you have to be of legal age to participate, “Vax a million” also offers a category for the youngest ones.

Teens aged 12-17 can win a full scholarship to attend college.

It was just 14-year-old Joseph Costello who won that lottery on Friday. So he will be able to go to university without worrying about tuition fees.

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