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Cry of anger Belmadi: “EN are not protected”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Once again, national coach Djamel Belmadi made a comeback through an interview Awarded this time to the National Radio, and again, he has also returned to his corrupt adventure in his last training period, in particular the great interest in refereeing that his administration also had in Zambia with the Lunar Trio as with the Burkinabe who led a match against Botswana in Blida.

“After this accumulation, there is psychosis that appears, we tell ourselves that we are heading directly towards theft, and the referees come out unscathed, the referee of the match against Zambia, we must not leave it, Mr. Gendarmerie, in everyday life it is like this, it is pure corruption, these Burkinawas are also the ones They pray against Botswana.Of all the rulers present, we have been appointed referees from a rival country in the World Cup group, so how do we have 3 South African teams in our group also, we are never safe from these long journeys, whether Guedioura with ligaments, Gazelle too, know what They do. “

“Kneeling to tie a player’s ligaments is scandalous.”

“There is no great country in our case, I find it difficult to believe, there are people who are controlling, it is adding dangerous facts against us, which can generate red cards, and imaginary goals against us, the referee is not supposed to stop the ball when it passes in front of him, so what about The referee who will tie the straps of a player from the rain team, while he comes to terribly pressure us by asking us to wear our socks … etc. On the one hand, he is pressing you from the start and on the other hand, he kneels to tie the straps of a competing player, it’s a scandal, we are talking about Algeria, the largest country in the world. ‘Africa, while he had a teammate who could do that, not a goalkeeper wearing gloves to say he helped. We tell them they have to respect us and they send us referees, Burkina Faso, that is the respect they have for us.’

“I would like to see if Morocco, Tunisia, or Egypt will go through with this.”

“I would like to see Morocco and Tunisia, they all have the equivalent of Burkina in their group, a team that raises problems, I would like to go to see Egypt or the top ten, to see the referees who managed their matches, by chance until now? It is a mistake not the chances of all countries in the world, we are falling On Bukina Faso, it is a joke, it is about a country, a global tournament, it is no longer about sports, we are one of the people targeted, through football, they want to harm Algeria.

“The fact that it was actually trapped in 3 countries that share a land border, and each time has 20 flying hours every time you play, I don’t think there are many top ten teams that have had this.”

Thus, the next BF’s work will be determined for them, and a clear message by Balmadi, he is not asking for help or getting an advantage but only to benefit from correct refereeing that protects the African champion.


The coach still laments Mboulhi’s fatal mistake in Zimbabwe

“If we go back to this group a little bit, the demand makes us say that we could have performed better, I don’t like going back to the match and basing it on the referees’ facts, but the last match against it is impossible not to go back to Zambia, as this is the first time in my life that I see this. On that hit we could have won 3 points … and when we saw 2e A goal in Zimbabwe, I tell myself that we could have scored the most points in this campaign, but we will be satisfied with what we have and we thank the players who took this journey. “

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