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Cyber ​​attack in BRP | Traders also suffer from headaches

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BRP dealers have also suffered from the cyber attack, as the company has yet to restore a computer portal that allows them to order parts and plan the delivery of snowmobiles, personal watercraft and ATVs to its customers. These retailers still do not know when the situation will return to normal.

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Julian Arsino

Julian Arsino

Simon Constantinou, Vice President of F. Everyone understands, but there, without being indignant, he must start over. »

The portal is essential for the proper operation of the business relationship between the vehicle manufacturer such as Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am as well as dealers. In particular, it gives them access to an order management system and allows them to order parts.

On Tuesday, on the portal’s homepage, a clearly visible message warned that the platform’s “functions” were still “limited.”

“We can’t even tell if BRP has parts in stock that we want to order for a customer,” says Virgen Jolicour, director of communications for Groupe Contant, which operates five dealerships (Laval, Mirabel, Sainte-Agathe, Belœil and Vaudreuil). “). “We are blocked. I have even seen merchants reaching out to others for help.”

Late deliveries

IT gate outages extend customer waiting times for the last purchase. The growing demand for snowmobiles, personal watercraft, ATVs and two-seater UTVs, along with difficulties sourcing certain parts, is now forcing dealers to finish vehicles in their workshops due to the loss of gauges and other electronic parts.

As delivery times lengthen, some customers who are still waiting for a personal boat decide to skip it, leading to cancellations.

“The order was placed last February, and customers are being contacted to say that their personal watercraft will be delivered in September,” explains Mr. Constantino. We had a few cancellations. Yes, we will resell the personal watercraft, but we will have to modify it. It may not be this year. Someone doesn’t necessarily want to spend $20,000 on a personal watercraft and put it away for the winter. »

There is no deadline

Despite the modifications made by BRP, merchants have been interviewed by JournalismIt was not known, Tuesday, when the gate would be operated. Without blaming the multinationals, traders think their turn has come.

“They prioritized the factory employees who were at home, and we understand that,” said Mr. Constantinou. We were told he was coming for us. We can’t help but cross. »

For its part, BRP maintains that its dealers are “aware” of the “progress” that has been made “on a regular basis”, spokesperson Mélanie Montplaisir confirmed in an email. The goal is to get the connection back to normal as quickly as possible.

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