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Director accuses Capcom of copying one of his monsters for Resident Evil Village

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A Dutch horror director accuses Capcom of copying the design of one of its monsters in the new Resident Evil Village. And not anything!

(Featured image credit: Capcom)

Advanced spoilers in the game, read at your own risk.

Dutch director Richard Ravorst accused Capcom of stealing the design of one of his monsters in Resident Evil Village. Raaphorst, who directed 2013 Frankenstein’s Army, stated in a recent post on LinkedIn that he believes Capcom copied a separate monster from his movie to make it an important combat in the game.

Frankenstein Army

In Frankenstein’s Army, a huge humanoid monster with a fan on its head attacks a group of soldiers. Soldiers end up winning the battle by detonating the robotic monster. See here part of the scene in question:

Resident Evil Village also has a battle with a monster holding a fan in place of the head and ends up detonating the latter. Coincidence ? Richard Raffhurst doesn’t seem to think that.

More than just a coincidence?

In an interview with Eurogamer, Raaphorst said he considers monsters equal and that the alleged theft would be an abuse of creativity. He also mentioned that he will not get any ownership as the movie is not his own, but he still wants his idea to be mentioned in the credits.

It is very difficult to create a good design. It’s very hard to think of something that will be received as cool design. They are not just floating thoughts that we can absorb. It’s actually hard work. Then (Capcom) catches him and puts him somewhere in the game.

Resident Evil Village only launched for ten days, but it appears to have already broken sales records and is popular with gamers. What do you think? Does Capcom seem to have stolen this monster’s design or is it just a coincidence?

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