Director Maxime Giroud, frontrunner at the upcoming Vues dans la tête de …

At Rivière-du-Loup, the Vues dans la tête de … festival team unveiled its headline Thursday morning for its event in 2022. It’s director Maxime Giroux, known especially for his multi-award winning film Félix et Meira. Awards in 2014, including Best Canadian Film at the Toronto International Film Festival.

As the festival’s main title, Maxime Giroux has been given carte blanche to build the programming for the 10e Festival views over…

The event will take place from February 3-6 in Rivière du Loup.

During the film meeting, Maxime Giroux will have the opportunity to pre-screen his film Nürburg.

« This will be the first time I will show it to the public. It will be in Rivière du Loup. I am really happy to present it there. »

Quote from Maxime Giroud, film director

It’s also very important for me to do this kind of event there because for me, festivals have always been, when I was a young filmmaker, the most inspiring place for me. It is extremely important for film education to young and old alike. It’s my pleasure, finally, to go see you, argued Thursday morning.

More details about the festival’s programs will be revealed after the holiday break, but the organization promises meetings between guest filmmakers and the general public, round tables and a virtual component.

Pre-sale tickets for the event will launch on Thursday afternoon.

Last year, the festival was held in default due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the headline was Jean LeBlanc.

In 2020, the main title of the Festival Vues dans la tête de … was directed by Myriam Feriault.

Based on information from Xavier lacroix

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