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Documentary series on financial independence as an educational tool

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Since September 22, he has presented his film freedom. Striving for financial independence. This is the second installment of the trilogy, with the first documentary released in 2021.

My documentaries, I imagine, I imagine as reference books, with picture and music. »

Quote from Antoine Denis, director and producer at Les Productions Iris

The moment I started paying attention to her was when I realized the true power of money, which is basically the buying of time. […] Unfortunately, we did not learn to manage personal finances even at CEGEP in the field of accounting. It should come a little more than itselfAnd Antoine adds Denis at the same time.

Twelve Speakers for Mainstreaming Finance

The director says that the topic can be very polarizing.

It can be confrontational in the face of the choices we’ve made for ourselves with our personal finances. In the second documentary, I also talk about giving yourself the right to make mistakesThe director explains.

RRSPAnd the TFSAAnd the TFSAAPP Briefly explained, as are basic taxes. Twelve professionals, including accountants, professors, and a notary certify, allow us to see a bit more into this complex area of ​​personal finances. Guests include Pierre-Yves McSwain, Fabien Major and Ariane Boisseau. Don’t expect, as such, cinematic action. The task is first and foremost educationalsays the self-made manager.

The first documentary will define certain terms and define our relationship with consumer society. While the second documentary film deals with facts and facts. […] It is more technical while being easy to digest. »

Quote from Antoine Denis, director and producer at Les Productions Iris

According to Antoine Denis, it’s never too late to start saving. The more I realize it later, the harder it will be, but it won’t be impossible either. The person who funded his film entirely himself says he is proud of producing it without sponsors and without any support. In this way, he had all the required field of view and the freedom to create. In addition to the twelve speakers, fifteen artists, including eight musicians, participate in the project. Sherbrooke-based William Bowers-Bennett composed all of the original music for the film.

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Invitation to libraries

Libraries got hold of the documentary, notably the Laval University movie. I invite libraries that want to show the documentary to simply contact me, as it allows other customers who don’t want to spend $20-25 to be able to borrow it from the library and benefit from learning.Sherbrooke’s manager concludes.

the film freedom. Striving for financial independence Available online at the Productions Iris website.

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