Election 2022: Helen Boudreaux carries her own CAQ electoral mark

Still not sure who will vote in the next election? It looks like a new female candidate is running for CAQ in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and we think she has a chance!

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We’ve seen it on OnlyFans, at the truck drivers rally in Ottawa and now on election banners in Montreal. Helen Boudreau is everywhere!

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Someone enjoyed, to our utmost pleasure, making a tag with a CAQ doll showing the girl from UQAM as a candidate.

The main stakeholder shared a photo of the tag on its Instagram page saying it should be put on the back for once. [par le gouvernement] It can be interesting.

For once, we agree!


It has already hired comedian Anthony Montroy as an administrative assistant.

Hopefully CAQ has a good budget for jelly bears because it can cost taxpayers dearly.

For your information, The real CAQ candidate at Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is Rebecca McCann.

See also the bag of chips:

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