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Election ads: CBC loses its case against the Conservative Party

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The Federal Court ruled that the Conservative Party’s use of CBC sectors to attack Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau during the 2019 federal election campaign was fair, did not violate the law, nor did it undermine the journalistic integrity of public broadcaster.

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) thinks this is A. The victory of democracyWho will allow Promote freedom of political expression. The Chinese Communist Party says it respects the role of the media, and it says to itself happy That decision It further clarifies the relationship between copyright law and political criticism.

CBC / Radio-Canada has not responded to the ruling and has not yet indicated whether it intends to appeal. We must first consider the decision, PBC spokesperson Leon Marr said via e-mail.

Judge Michael Phelan’s decision will have an impact on the upcoming campaign, according to Professor Florian Martin Barreto, holder of the Research Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Ottawa, because the parties will be relying heavily on social media at a time of the pandemic.

It opens the door to the use of journalistic content by the major political parties, or perhaps even by everyone, to participate in the democratic process., The professor is considered. He adds that the decision and criteria assessed by the judge will help regulate this use.


CBC opposed the use of five videos for its news broadcast without consent from the Conservative Party. Copyrighted material, according to the Public Broadcasting Corporation, whose use for partisan reasons undermined its credibility and journalistic integrity, according to the company.

In his ruling, Judge Phelan acknowledges the conservatives’ use of CBC material This clearly represents plagiarism for the talent and judgment of CBC and its staff. But he thinks that she is prof Fair use Under copyright law.

First, because only short excerpts were used. Then, due to the use of copyrighted material To cash Allowed by law.

According to Philan J. , The goal of To laugh at the prime minister or make fun of his work and behavior, but also to criticize ideas and actions In the context of an election campaign is a Participation in the democratic process Lawful.

The court also rejected the arguments of CBC / Radio-Canada which feared that using its programs would tarnish its image of impartiality and the integrity of the press. After many years of covering political news, the judge wrote, there is no evidence that broadcasting part of the broadcaster in a partisan framework tarnished the broadcaster’s reputation.

The judge also points out Since CBC is a public broadcasting organization, their content is clearly designed to be available to everyone.

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