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election campaign | Organizations are already making their demands known

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(Montreal) Groups responded to the call for federal elections by publishing their demands.

The Federation of Quebec Workers (FTQ) wants political parties to commit to improving the labor insurance system and updating federal laws on strike spoilers, preventive withdrawals for pregnant workers or protection pension plans in the event of a company bankruptcy.

“The pandemic has made us realize the importance of a reliable and robust social safety net. It is our duty to protect and even improve it […] “Those who look to our leadership must listen to the people,” FTQ President Daniel Boyer and General Secretary Dennis Bolduc declared in a press release published early Sunday morning.

The environment is also at the heart of the FTQ’s concerns, which expects firm commitments from candidates and leaders of various political parties to implement an “economic recovery plan based on a just transition that respects the environment, such as the 21stNS a contract “.

The trade union center also invites party leaders to attend and interview them in order to share their concerns with workers and their families. The Federation also intends to share its analysis of the electoral campaign with its members.

“The FTQ is preparing an electoral platform with its main demands, accompanied by an analysis of the various commitments of political parties. “This platform will be publicized so that all workers can make an informed decision when they vote,” said Secretary General Dennis Bolduc.

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The FTQ represents more than 600,000 union workers in Quebec.

From the employer’s side

The Quebec Employers Council, which considers a return to a balanced budget as essential, wants to give top priority to human capital development and catch-up in terms of investment and technology integration.

In particular, he called for restricting access to Canada’s economic stimulus benefits to encourage a return to work. He demands that the next reform of the employment insurance system include measures to encourage claimants to receive training.

According to him, it is also absolutely necessary to reduce administrative delays between the governments in Ottawa and Quebec to encourage the arrival of temporary foreign workers.

The CPQ also calls on the incoming government to continue supporting efforts to electrify transportation and invest in clean technologies.

“The post-pandemic period will be critical for many Quebec companies,” said Carl Blackburn, President and CEO of CPQ. We must make sure to unblock the economic recovery and support sectors that have not yet regained full growth. However, we must keep an eye on the state of public finances and the specter of inflation. ”

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