Electric mountain bikes: Tour +, a new mode developed by Bosch for rough terrain

Owners of e-bikes equipped with the Performance Line CX engine will soon benefit from the new Assist Mode. Bosch, the manufacturer of this engine, has developed a Tour + a mode specifically for fans of off-road tracks.

The Tour + mode is designed first and foremost for electrically powered mountain bikes. By analyzing the cyclist’s data and pedaling frequency, it activates (or doesn’t) the engine depending on the environment. In the apartment, there is no need to pay from the electric assistance: the situation then cuts off the engine completely and simply.

hard push

On the other hand, when the cyclist’s effort is sensitive (this is usually the case on uneven terrain or inclines), the motor starts up and then assists the user by adapting his strength. The advantage of this Tour + mode is twofold: on the one hand, on slopes or on flat ground, the battery saves money since the motor is not used. Autonomy benefits logically.

credit: Bosch

On the other hand, a mountain biker in particular doesn’t necessarily ask for help in “normal” terrain. On the other hand, the electric motor in general is very much appreciated on climbs! To take advantage of this, you’ll need an e-bike with a Performance Line CX engine, that is, top-notch bikes. Since this motor is popular among manufacturers, there is a chance that most of the more expensive models are equipped with it.

Bosch has announced that Tour + mode will be offered free of charge. It is sufficient to apply the console update when it becomes available. Usually, the manufacturer delivered the new software in July, so it won’t be long before it goes live.

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