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End ry in ern Hoe. Dukan’s horse, he’s been replaced by a failed economist

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Eren Hora made a decision and I respect that decision and congratulate Jakov Milatov, Dukan announced on the campaign trail, who will remain in the presidential race until May 21.

Milat is a former Minister of Economy, who, according to the DPA agency, is close to the Serbian Orthodox Church and supports Montenegro’s entry into the European Union.

In the first round of the presidential elections on June 19, he took second place after Dukanov. But immediately after him, he had the support of his aunt and the fourth candidate for the post.

The outcome of the presidential elections is decisive for the balance of power in this Balkan country. In two months, Montenegrins will go to the polls again to choose their representative in Parliament, which was dissolved by President Djokan. The country’s executive power, with the exception of the senior ducans, has been in resignation since last August.

Yakov Milatovi

  • Milatov’s stated goal is, for example, to speed up negotiations with the European Union, which have stalled in recent years. Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Milat supported NATO positions.
  • Unlike the outgoing president, he is in favor of the promise with neighboring Serbia. Vlda was a member, and was pro-Serb and pro-Russian with strong ties to the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is based in Belgrade. An irony that Milo Djokan did not forget to highlight when he accused his rival of being under the influence of Belgrade. According to him, Serbia is looking for those who could block its European path. He found it in Milatov.
  • Milatov entered politics three years ago, when in December 2020 he became Minister of Economy in the government of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokabe after the opposition was defeated. He was minister until last April. His critics accused him of populism during his time in government, for example when he abolished compulsory health insurance fees as part of reforms.
  • His decision to raise the minimum income to 270 euros (two less than 163 euros) and the minimum wage to 450 euros (250 euros) remains controversial by experts, according to the DPA agency. And according to the World Bank, this accounted for 73% of GDP last fall. For this year, GDP growth is estimated at 3.4 percent.
  • In 2022, together with the then Finance Minister Milogic Spaje, he founded the Europe Movement, which won the local elections. Milat was expected to become the new mayor of the capital, but it turned out differently. In half of Norway, the state election commission rejected the presidential candidacy of Spajia, the leader of the European movement, because the former finance minister in the Krivokapi government has a Montenegrin and Serb religion. However, double religion is only allowed in Hoemon in exceptional cases. Therefore, Milatov entered the elections as an alternative candidate.
  • Milat was born on December 7, 1986 in Podgorica. I have a lot of international experience. He graduated in Economics from the University of Podgorica and later studied in the USA, Austria and Italy. Before entering politics, he worked at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt am Main and then at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London.
  • In 2006, he voted in the referendum on the independence of Hora in Serbia.
  • Only the Orthodox Church, English, Italian and Spanish are enat am ti dti.

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