Evening after evening, he cuts the electricity to the whole village to see his girlfriend secretly

An Indian electrician has caused serious tension in his village, as he regularly cut electricity to his entire village so that he could meet his girlfriend secretly, according to Indian media. long live hindustan.

Eventually, the citizens of Ganeshpur lost patience when they saw their village plunge into darkness, night after night, while neighboring communities remained lit.

The fact that the electricity was cut off at about the same time in the evening for two or three hours aroused their suspicion.

After investigations, they discovered that the person responsible for this situation was the village electrician, who cut the power and took advantage of the darkness to see his beloved.

The couple was caught red-handed at a school by several villagers. According to eyewitnesses, the electrician was beaten, part of his hair shaved off and forced to walk the streets of the village as punishment.

Then the man confessed to his crime and the villagers forced him to marry his lover in an official ceremony.

The local police claim to have learned of this event, but state that they have not received any official complaint.

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