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Evidence: A $ 100,000 question

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Why would a smart man have a great career in a legitimate business – and who knows? Take on a leadership position – you decide to become a member of a criminal gang?

What drives him to go down this road that risks driving him to the morgue or jail?

Massive failure

This is the question that kept haunting me as I watched the excellent series GuideAt Eliko Club.

Let me just say it right away: This documentary series by Isabel Uwmet and Felix Segin, behind the scenes of Operation SharQc (largest report ever done against Hells Angels), is the best legal series I have seen in my country. Life.

Not among the best: the best.

In each of the six episodes, my girlfriend kept shouting, “Huh?”, “What or what?”, “Anjd?”

We ask a lot of questions throughout this great series …

Why did you choose to put 156 defendants in the same bag?

Why were more than 100 people accused of 22 murders – instead of targeting the real perpetrators of these crimes?

Why did you decide to try them all at the same time in a mega experiment?

Why were millions of documents submitted as evidence (equivalent, in height, to 371 Empire State Building!), When it was clear that the defense would never be able to see all of these documents in time?

It is estimated that even if the defense only spent 30 seconds on each document presented as evidence by the Crown, it would take … seven years of full-time work, 24/7!

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It’s ridiculous …

We wanted to sabotage this operation that we would not have done otherwise!

There are no notes, no records

But the question I ask myself the most is which one opens my vertical.

Why would a man with a head on his shoulders choose to become a criminal?

Serial Guide It lets us hear the wonderful testimonials from two Hells Angels: Ghislain Vallerand and Eric Bouffard.

These guys are clearly smart. They express themselves very well. They are hugely sympathetic (it’s shocking to read this, but it’s true).

Nevertheless, they chose to become Hell. And they don’t regret it for a second, even though they spent 10 years in prison.

Why ?

Because it’s like the “hero” of the movie GoodFellasAs far as they remember, they always wanted to be bandits?

Silence of the Lambs

The answer may be in the movie I care a lot.

A blatant comedy – and fun! Narrating the adventures (fictional) of homosexuals who decide to get rich by casting elders, this movie begins with this phrase from the main character:

“Look at you. You think you are good people. I was like you before. I thought hard work and playing by the rules would bring me success and happiness. This is wrong. Playing by the rules is a farce invented by the rich to make sure the rest of the world remains poor.

There are two types of people on Earth: predators and prey. Lions and lambs. Now, I don’t want to be a pregnancy. “

Is this what motivates them?

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