Coming soon a more resistant version of the Apple Watch?

If we are to believe the latest rumors so far, it is possible that Apple is currently working on a more resistant version of the hugely popular Apple Watch, which is a “durable” version.

Our electronic devices are very advanced but also very fragile devices. These need protection, especially from small daily obstacles or potentially difficult circumstances. Some brands specialize in reinforced “tough” devices, and that could be the caseApple, city, cat Work on this D-son’s copy of Apple Watch.

Will Apple release a boosted version of Apple Watch soon?

L ‘Apple Watch It’s a connected watch that can be used in a variety of situations, whether you’re going to the party, going to school, exercising, or whatever. The main difference will be, in the end, which bracelet you will use: a silicone bracelet to go for sports, and a metal bracelet for a more finished look.

For extreme (or more clumsy) athletes

However, the Cupertino company appears to be seriously considering introducing a more resistant version of the Apple Watch. At least that’s what the new Bloomberg article tells us. According to their sources, Apple discussed the idea of ​​a “durable” version of its connected watch. This will provide extra protection, especially for use in extreme sports.

The report claims that this release will be referred to internally as the “Explorer Edition”. Apparently, Apple has been playing around with this idea for a long time, but this time it looks like the project has been successful and marketing could even see the light of day later this year. For now, the only way to protect your Apple Watch from potential physical damage is to purchase a custom case.

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The Apple Watch itself isn’t particularly durable. Screen stays exposed too much. If it falls, for example, there’s a high chance that the screen might be cracked or broken. The booster version will be very useful for some users.

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