File follow-up: How’s it going for Max Dome in Columbus?

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The last time we looked at Blue Jackets to hear from Max Domi, He has removed the team mentions from his social media And we figured he was probably going (again) to change his address.

but not. Max Domy and John Tortorella are still married to our great entertainment.

So how does Dome go with blue jackets? Let’s say it’s overheating.

Max Domey leaves on the ice

Monday evening, In losing extra time for the jackets to the Black HawksPatrick Lane regained some of his magic touch, but Max Domey showed us his short lock.

In fact, Max Dome was exposed against Connor Murphy and received multiple penalties during the meeting in over ten minutes of misconduct.

The kind of thing Turts likes to see (not really, not).

In his defense, Domey claimed after the match that Murphy had a reputation for avoiding fights and settling scores in the past because he “escaped” after hitting his head on the ice, as he did. For me.

Max Domy may have more similarities with his father than he originally thought.

And as time passed, Mark Bergfen should have laughed more than his breath since the deal that sent him into the jackets.

Do you think Domi will be out of the NHL in a few seasons?

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