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Finding Host Families in Trois-Pistoles

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Leaders of the French Immersion School in Trois-Pistols struggle to recruit host families for the upcoming summer season. With face-to-face courses resuming at the Basque MRC, nearly 200 academics should visit the region this summer and should be accommodated.

The school’s principal, Cathy Asari, notes that it takes 50 to 60 host families to keep the school running smoothly. Even if health restrictions are lifted, for the most part, in Quebec, the leaders of this school still decide to maintain some measures. For example, the number of young people in the same host family will be limited.

At the moment, the lack of family has no effect on the services that will be offered to students this summer. But Cathy Asari prefers to continue the process of recruiting new partners. With the pandemic, some host families are preferring to skip their turn this year. All students must be vaccinated to participate in stays at Trois-Pistoles.

We must be able to receive the students, but we must also be able to receive them safely! »

Quote from Cathy Asari, Principal of Trois Pistoles French Immersion School

This return to the classroom comes head-on as the school celebrates its 90th anniversary. Various activities will be organized for students, but also for the community.

The French Immersion School Trois-Pistoles welcomes students from Western University in London, Ontario.

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