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FIPEQ-CSQ teachers reduce their salary requirements

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After submitting his counter-proposal to the employers on Sunday morning, he FIPEQ She explained that she is now raising her demands for a salary increase to between 13.6% and 20.3% over three years, depending on the job structure, while previously it was between 21% and 27%.

Quebec offers a maximum of 20.2% for qualified teachers (with a university diploma in early childhood education technologies), 15% for unqualified teachers and 9.3% for staff. CPE, such as maintenance workers or food.

The union’s criticism relates in particular to the fact that recruitment agencies who cooperate with teachers You should have a higher salary than the government offers. It’s an additional effort of 7 million per year that is needed in this case.

He insists that the treatment given to special educators, who work with children with special needs, and to chefs is particularly unfair.

Previous, which also contains a file Dec Currently earning the same salary as a teacher, only a 6% raise is offered over three years. According to Quebec’s suggestion, having reached the limit, they would find themselves earning less than an unqualified breeder.

As for starting salaries for chefs CPEIt will be 37.5% less than that of chefs in health establishments, the union says.

Although it made a better offer for qualified teachers, wage differentials with the public sector for other hiring groups are too large to limit mass departures.

Quote from:Valerie Grenon, President of FIPEQ-CSQ

The FIPEQ She also owes the proposed salary of a qualified teacher to start her career, $21.38, which is Maintains an unacceptable gap with the average entry-level salary for a technician in QuebecMs. Grenon said the salary was $23.61.

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head FIPEQ He believes it is important to increase the salaries of new teachers to attract them to the profession. For its part, the Quebec bid gives the biggest increases to teachers with more than ten years of experience.

So the union suggests that qualified teachers and specialty educators who begin their careers receive $22.85 an hour and finish them at $30.29 an hour at the latter level. At the end of the career, the government makes $30.47 per hour.

Important details, counter display of FIPEQ It completely eliminates the 5% increase that Quebec only allocates for teachers who work 40 hours a week, but includes it in the overall salary scale. Teachers who refuse to work five days a week, according to the union’s plan, will receive the same hourly wages as those who work full time.

The union hopes to reach an agreement by Thursday, when a day is set for negotiations.

In addition, educators continue to demand more support to help them deal with children with difficulties.

The FIPEQ Requires the employment of specialized teachers or educational and technical support agents in general CPE.

It also agrees to set up a joint union-employer committee aimed at finding solutions to the problem, but would like to allocate a guaranteed recurring amount of $5 million to it. To fund the conclusions of this committee.

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