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First meeting of the new Sagueni municipality

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New District 7 councilor Serge Joudault called a vote on the point, citing concern about justice in the city’s neighborhoods.

I don’t quite understand your concept of fairness because everyone was at the table. Know, dear citizens, that these committees and bodies are not based on dirt, but rather on the basis of envy. Mr. Gaudreault, there was plenty of room to sit in many places. If you want more commissions and commissions, that would please me. Furthermore, some asked for a little help since we are still 15 years old Mayor Julie Dufour responded.

The rest of the city council lined up behind the mayor’s idea of ​​voting for this series of nominations.

Municipal Council member Michel Botvin retains chairing of the Sagueni Finance Committee. He will also continue to serve as Deputy Mayor.

As revealed by Radio Canada last week, his colleague Jamie Bouchard, for his part, inherits the presidency of two committees, the Commission on Sustainable Development and the Environment, as well as Public Works, Buildings, Engineering and Machinery Equipment.

Municipal Councilor Jean-Marc Criver takes over the presidency of the Société de Transportation du Saguenay (STS). It promises a mandate based on transparency, collaboration and communication. District 6’s chancellor hopes to be able to mobilize trustees.

He also took advantage of this moment to request a postponement of the adoption of the organization’s budget. There is work that we will review at a level STS With new members and members including Michel Botvin. The big city financier will be on our committee. We’ll look at the numbers and we’ll work togetherMr. Craver explained.

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For his part, Kevin Armstrong will chair the Public Security Committee, while Martin Harvey will inherit Human Resources.

Newcomers to the Sagueni council table also get responsibilities. This is the case of Mireille Jean who has become the Chair of the Urban Planning and Smart City Advisory Committee and the Communications Committee, Claude Bouchard who will represent the Multi-Source Committee and Serge Goudreau who will chair the ORV Committee.

New Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour presided over her first town council meeting on Monday evening.

Photo: screenshot

Mayor Julie Dufour will chair the Commission for Regional Planning, Engineering and Urban Planning (CAGU) as well as several other commissions and committees. Remember that during the election campaign, you promised to build 1,000 housing units in the Chicotime railway area.

In addition, another wave of appointments is expected in January. The principal interested party clarified that those presented on Monday evening, Most urgent for proper management.

It has also been confirmed that Priscilla Niemi has been appointed as the general manager of Saginai’s promotions.

From grunt to Laterrière

Several citizens from the Latertier sector appeared at the microphone on Monday evening. The four women denounced the various industrial activities taking place in the area. Noise, smells, and other inconveniences provided their arguments.

A citizen has returned, once again, to denounce the activities of a company that deals with organic materials. Her daughter refuses to play outside because of the smells from the shop. Then another citizen testified to the noise made by the quarry work. Laterroise III admitted that she was bothered by noise as much as by smells.

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Laterrois has gone through a lot of trauma. We had an old landfill for 20 years. There was a bit unpleasant smells as we live. We are shocked by what happened and I would like there to be awareness at the council level. The brown boxes are coming in 2022. If a pilot was done and smelled, we’d be more impressed than we are now. […] I just want you to be aware of this. It’s not good to live thereAnnie Trochon, the last to speak, testified.

Mayor Julie Dufour has been open to citizens’ complaints. She confirmed that she had received a number of complaints, emails, and information regarding everything that was happening in the Lateraire region. The elected representative indicated that a good-neighbourliness committee had been formed. Members in the process of gathering information. This sector of Saguenay is, for her, the priority file. A meeting with citizens and concerned companies is scheduled for early 2022.

Budget for the appointed consultant

The only elected Democratic Renewal (DRE) candidate, Marc Bouchard, has reneged on his intention to take advantage of his right to be recognized as an appointed chancellor for the duration of this mandate. Thus, a single representative of the network of external relations around the table of Sagueni City Council can access, as permitted by law, more than $300,000. By the same fact, he would be able to form his own study.

My wish is to offer the new mayor my full cooperation to move our city forward while ensuring constructive oversight. I will be there to ask questions, as I did during the past period, and to defend the interests of the citizens. I’ve always encouraged discussion as long as it’s done respectfully. This is what I intend to do for the next four yearsAs mentioned at the beginning of the session.

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In addition, Mayor Sagweni indicated that the minutes of the Executive Committee will be filed from now on as for the other minutes.

The next meeting of the Sagueni Municipal Council will be held on January 17 in the Berit Goudreau Chamber in the Junkiere district. In the meantime, new mayor Julie Dufour will put her first budget, by the holiday break, into a private meeting. Remember, a property tax freeze for residents and corporations for 2022 was one of his campaign commitments.

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