Football player accused of abusing his cat

On Tuesday, French international defender Kurt Zouma was summoned to the court on charges of abusing his cat, after broadcasting a video clip on social media, which we learned on Monday from a source familiar with the matter.

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Yuan, the 27-year-old international’s brother, is on trial for complicity.

The facts of the accused date back to February 6.

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Both were called to the first hearing on Tuesday in London.

The two player cats were taken into the care of the RSPCA Animal Welfare Association, which initiated the trial proceedings of Kurt and Yuan Zuma under the Animal Welfare Act.

The London club did not suspend its player, but rather made him play a match on the evening of the revelation of the case, which sparked a huge outcry.

The player was finally fined 300,000 euros, the highest possible amount, imposed by his club, and sports equipment supplier Adidas severed a contract with the player.

West Ham confirmed that, according to the information available to the club, the cats “have not suffered any physical injury”.

The club then confirmed that the fine imposed on the player had been donated to animal protection societies.

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