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The Pixel Watch data sheet is revealed little by little

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Android smartphone users – and they are only because the Pixel Watch won’t be compatible with the iPhone – will be able to sport the all-round connected watch from Google This fall. But what product are they going to put on their wrist? It is still a mystery, since the search engine did not extend the technical characteristics of the device.

You should count on rumors to lift the veil on the Pixel Watch’s specifications. must work With Exynos 9110Samsung chip dating back to 2018. The co-processor offloads some tasks from the chip.

As a reminder, slide Qualcomm Wear 4100+ Which outfits a lot of connected watches, includes a processor accompanying everything that is managing “always on” functions (continuous heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, alarms, etc.). So it’s no surprise to see Google take inspiration from this collection for the Pixel Watch.

The device should also carry 32GB of storage, which is the same capacity as recent Apple Watches (Series 3 has 8GB). A priori, for Wear OS, this will be the first: the platform clocks have a maximum of 16 GB. It is enough to store a lot of songs from YouTube Music and Spotify.

In terms of RAM, the Pixel Watch can once again do more than other Wear OS models with the Galaxy Watch 4’s 1.5GB RAM envelope, according to 9to5Google. Will Google reach 2 GB of RAM? Apple Watch Series 7 has 1 GB of RAM.

Finally, the Pixel watch should Recharging is on a magnetic base, like its competitor from Apple. It is Compal – one of the main suppliers of the Apple Watch – who will take care of the production of this accessory, the cable of which will end with the USB-C connector.

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