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Fox News cancels host star show

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(New York) Fox News has canceled Fox Business broadcaster Lou Dobbs, who was a staunch supporter of former US President Donald Trump among air stars.

France Media

The decision comes the day after Fox News and Lou Dobbs are sued for defamation by computer company Smartmatic, which is charging them $ 2.7 billion for spreading the conspiracy theories that wrongly implicate him.

A Fox News spokesman told Agence France Presse that “Fox News Media is regularly studying network changes and has planned to launch new formats adapted to the post-election period, especially on Fox News.”

She added that the cancellation is “one of those changes.” ‘New program’ in this block (from 5 pm-6pm) ‘will be announced soon’.

Lou Dobbs’ show has the best viewership on the channel, with an average viewership of just over 300,000 viewers every night.

The 75-year-old Lou Dobbs owns nearly four decades of news channels operating around the clock, including 10 to show him. Le Dobbs tonight.

After the presidential election, the presenter relentlessly relayed accusations of massive fraud from the Trump camp, sparking “corruption” and “irregularities”, which no concrete element could support.

Le Dobbs privately invited the person who had been part of Donald Trump’s legal team for some time, attorney Sidney Powell, who presented, on the air, his theory, which never came to light, of an international conspiracy to deny the president re-election.

In a message posted by several of his relatives on American social networks and media, Donald Trump responded by saying, “Le Dobbs is awesome.” “Nobody loves America like if.”

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The former president indicated that he will take close care of the announcer’s next destination.

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