François Amalija Bitondo remains in detention until at least Thursday

Protester François Amalija Bitondo, who was arrested this weekend in Trois-Rivieres during the General Council of the Alliance Avener Québec (CAQ), will remain behind bars until at least Thursday.

Judge Annie Vanas of the Court of Quebec presided over the hearing to determine whether Mr. Ameliga Bitondo could be released, which the Crown contested.

The 43-year-old was released from prison via video conferencing. François Amalija Bitondo, known for his stances against health measures, has asked Judge Vanas to restore hope to the citizens of Quebec for his unconditional release.

He was first arrested in Shawinigan on Friday for obstructing a peace officer, disturbing the peace and not respecting his probation terms.

Three days later, he was arrested again, this time for violating the terms. The court prevented him from getting within 300 meters of Prime Minister François Legault.

Mr. Amalija believes that all Canadians have the right to peacefully communicate with their Prime Minister. What he thinks he did at Shawinigan and Trois-Rivieres.

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