The longest lunar eclipse will happen on Friday!

This Friday, November 19 will be held The longest lunar eclipse For hundreds of years with a maximum expected around 10:03 a.m. France time. This eclipse will last 3 hours 28 minutes and 23 seconds depending on NASA.

Every year, there are at least two lunar eclipses. This event occurs when Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned. Obviously, this can only happen when the moon is full and bright. During total lunar eclipseThe Moon is located in the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow. During this eclipse, 99.1% of the moon will be in this region. During this eclipse, the moon will appear red thanks to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering.

Unfortunately, this eclipse will only be visible in parts of the world such as North and South America, eastern Australia, and eastern Asia. In France, the sun will already have risen for a while and will not allow to observe this phenomenon.

© NASA Science Visualization Studio

Map of the world showing the places where the eclipse will be visible.

To observe a lunar eclipse from Europe, you will have to wait until the next eclipse on May 16, 2022. Find the lunar eclipse calendar for the coming years on the NASA website:

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